Fast Track


1. Receive Genset what you want to do ?
After you got our generator please read the operation manual carefully.
The User’s Manual come with the generator . With Operation, Installation , Maintenance and repair guide .
2. Our Warranty
1000hrs Warranty, the amount display on the generator operation manual hrs meter.
3. Exclusions to this Warranty
This warranty does not extend to parts affected by accident and/or collision, corrosion or rust, normal wear, wrong fuel type or fuel contamination, use in an application for which the product was not designed, unauthorized service, or any other misuse, neglect, incorporation or use of unsuitable attachments or parts. Unauthorized alteration or any cause other than defects in material or workmanship of the product will not be covered under the warranty.
4. Disclaimer of Consequential Damage and Limitation of Implied Warranties
We disclaim any responsibility for the loss of time or use of the product, transportation, commercial loss, or any other incidental or consequential damage. Any implied warranties are limited to the duration of the written limited warranty.
5. To Obtain Warranty Service or Support
If you suspect or encounter a problem with your product you are required to contact us. Telephone support is available however you may be directed to contact our support staff directly by e-mail at james@univcn.com or by Live Support .
6. Shipping and Delivery
All products are shipped from our facilities in factory new condition. You are responsible for the transportation from our facilities to your final destination. You may make your own shipping arrangements or use a known and reputable company we regularly ship with at a discounted rate. If you choose to use our method, we will follow up with the company name and tracking details when available.
We ship all our new products in factory new condition. We expect them to arrive in the same condition as they left our facilities in. Upon receipt of the order, the purchaser/recipient is required to open the packaging and inspect the shipment thoroughly and completely for damage. All visible damage and/or nonconformity, regardless of its severity, size or significance must be noted on waybill or other shipping documents by the customer. Failure by the purchaser/recipient to note any damage, defect or irregularity in the shipping documents shall be construed as a declaration by the purchaser / recipient that the goods were received in good order and condition and free from any defect or non-conformity. If there is significant damage resulting from mishandling of goods by the shipping carrier, the customer is hereby asked to refuse the shipment. Additionally, The customer must notify us, in writing, within 48 hours of receipt of damaged, non-conforming product. In the event of shipping loss or damage, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to file for an insurance claim and we will offer all necessary assistance to the purchaser for that purpose. Minor cosmetic damages that do not impact the operation or safety of the unit are expressly excluded under the terms of any return, warranty and/or insurance policy.
7. Return & Refund Policy
All generator sales are final. Consider a generator purchase as if it was a motor vehicle. The moment it leaves our facilities it depreciates in value as it does with any use. If we are compelled to accept a return, it will be subject to a 30% stocking fee. It must be in original condition. The shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.